Promotional Products

Have you ever heard of lumpy mail?  That’s when you get something in the mail that isn’t flat like a letter.  It stands out so you open it at a hirer rate than normal junk mail.  But what about if you want to get your brand out there.  Why not mail them something useful with your logo.  Something they might save.  One of the great items in the Cannabis industry are grinders.  It’s really common for dispensaries to give out grinders to new customers.  They know it’s the kind of product most people don’t buy but if they have one they will save it.  So why not put your logo and contact information all over it.  That’s a marketing gift that keeps on giving.

Art Of Cannabis Marketing Podcast

A great podcast that talks about the nuances of marketing when you are promoting a marijuana product.  Here we talk to a cannabis branding expert and learn some tricks of the trade.